Posted by: Benner | July 6, 2008

I’m Dunn

Thats it for me.  Im ending my run as the head of your “favorite blogs favorite blog that they’ve never been to”.  Thanks to all you commenters out there.  rza, rezmatic, BREAZY-E, Avocado, AK8-47, greg, zeckwreck, and B-TOWN.  I wouldn’t have done it without you.  Thanks for all the support!!!

Look out in the future for a reincarnation of some sort when I get my life under control a litle more.  And check back in a month, because i’m thinking about turning this into an Olympic blog, so check back in for all things, Phelps, Gay, May/Walsh and Lin Dan.

PEACE DUNNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

use the comments section here to send condolences and well wishes

Posted by: Benner | June 12, 2008

Dilla, Ghost, Doom

Sorry, no audio yet, but finally a little material has been set to be released in late June from the failed (I cant imagine a full album ever being released) Swift & Changeable album that MF Doom and Ghostface were supposed to be working on.  For now we will have “Sniperlite” and “Murder Goons” to look forward to.


Posted by: Benner | June 11, 2008

Kanye’s Best

TOUCH favorite Metal Lungies has just produced an extensive compilation of Kanye tracks with commentary from the crew over at ML, as well as Brandon Rosenberg (No Trivia), Andrew Barber (Fake Shore Drive), Travis (Wake Your Daugther Up), as well as many others.  Its definitely worth checking out at least to reup on your Kanye audio, but you might learn some stuff too (did you know Kanye produced for Goodie Mob on World Party).  Anyhoo, click here to check it out

Posted by: Benner | June 10, 2008

The Fleet Foxice

Dear homies and Seatown favorites, Fleet Foxes get introduced by Dwight from the Office at the Sasquatch Festival…

and after the jump is a video of them playing (my personal fav off Sun Giant) Mykonos at the same festival…

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Posted by: Benner | June 6, 2008

In God’s Son We Trust

finally some decent music from the N-Word untitled album

HERO (flame courtesy of Polow Da Don)

via Nah


Posted by: Benner | June 2, 2008

Love in this Showbiz

Song of the year….

Pop Lock and Drop It….

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Posted by: Benner | May 31, 2008

Mic Terror – Cold As Hell

Had to rep for Chi-Town.  Also he called me homie one time when I wrote him on myspace. Sooooo……


Posted by: Benner | May 23, 2008

Freedom for Ricky

I can finally throw out that old, dingy “Free Slick Rick” T-Shirt Ive been wearing since The Show came out on VHS.  Long overdue….

peep the story here.  spotted at you know where

Click “Read More” to peep the bonus vids…

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Posted by: Benner | May 23, 2008


The opening track (Free) on Goodie Mob’s Soul Food was, I guess, cropped a bit.  Here are some other verses to the song that Cee-Lo performed on a Georgia college radio station in 95

Free (Full Version)

spotted over at CocaineBluntsandHipHopTapes.  Check the post noz did over there to check out a freestyle “session” w/ Black Thought from the same show

Posted by: Benner | May 21, 2008

PepsiCo Moves Closer to Bringing Back Crystal Pepsi

I almost think it would be a good idea to bring back Crystal Pepsi, with all of the 80’s and 90’s fetishizing that is going on these days…

remember these…

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