Posted by: Benner | November 13, 2007



Very Important Benner.  Last night I saw Miss Feist in L.A. It was hella bomb.  I think I might have feelings for her (Eryn, at least thats better than Kim Kardashian, right).  Not much more I can say except that I was VIP and got to go backstage where I saw Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen, Maybe Kirsten Dunst, this dude, and Jenny Lewis.  I was excited to see Jenny because I dig hard on most of her music.  But I started to feel sorry for her because her and Feist are essentially the same person, except Feist is like ten times as talented and ten times as cool.  Anyway, Feist’s band was extra delicious, and her singing was superb.  Peoples should definitely hit that up,  if she swoops thoo your town   

Here are some songs that she wrote for me…

My Moon My Man

The Limit to your Love

And a Jenny Lewis tune just to be fair…

I Never



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