Posted by: Benner | November 13, 2007

Rather Unique


Today is the three year anniversary of Mr. Russel Jones very unfortunate death.  It isnt sad to me in the same way as Biggie, in that I knew I would be missing out on the rest of a likely incredible career.  It is so sad for me because Dirty was starting a new chapter in his life.  I by no means was expecting anymore classic music from Dirty.  In fact I was hoping I wouldn’t get any, considering the amount of crazy drugs it took to come up with his stuff.  Anyhoos, I’ll take advantage of today by posting various ODB things that are bomb

Yo! MTV Freestyle

ODB Interview 

Dirty Minded documentary part 1 of 4 (very explicit)

Rock the Bells DVD

My favorite Dirty verse – Harlem World

FYI Return to the 36 Chambers is my second favorite album of all-time and the only Grammy nominated album by any member of the Wu, or Wu-Tang as a whole


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