Posted by: Benner | November 15, 2007

Ghost is my new Hygeine Coach


Seriously, not only is this fricking hilarious, it is very helpful.  Very inspiring.

Ghost on hygeine and other stuff (spotted at Nah Right)

“don’t just get up and act like you drinking some milk and you bout to bounce, cause you gon’ f**k around and sh*t on yourself”

The audio was taken from the companion disc to the new Ghostface book.



  1. “Get that green kickball out your f*ckin nose or something…word up man, set me free, on some Martin Luther King sh*t”

    That’s word no doubt

    I took that “muthaf*ckas sleepin too much” line to heart though, I gotta get up earlier, if for no other reason than cause Ghost told me.

    by the way I censored those swear words cause oral hygiene doesn’t gotta exclude your language and sh*t.

  2. Word dude. I’ve never had Ghost speak to me so directly. I want to thank him. The only other time I felt this way was when he called me and you UFOs that one night in Seattle

  3. You’re right about the curse words too. I better clean that up.

  4. SAY WORD. I feel like Ghost is sometimes a UFO though (heavy shit!!). Not sure what I mean but it might have something to do with the feelings expressed in my Outkast comment… Probably has more to do with the songs “back like that” and “back like that (remix)”. I was going to add “Gotta hold on” from More Fish to that list, but you know what, fuck it. I don’t not like that song.

    By the way I feel that the Pretty Toney Album (another by the way who told Ghost that Tony was spelled Toney? Or is that some Starks shit I dont know about..) is completely great. I don’t feel that way about hardly any rap albums released after like 2000.

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