Posted by: Benner | November 20, 2007

News… ‘Kast


From DJ Drama’s new album Gangsta Grillz : The Album 

Da Art of Storytelling pt. 4 – Outkast

I like this song.  It’s always good to hear Andre rapping.  Big Boi doesn’t come weak either


  1. AHH now I get it no doubt. NEWSKAST..

    YELLIN GO 3000!….

    I didn’t like this too much at first listen, but now I’m pumped on it.

    These dudes are one of those groups/artists that if they came out with some new shit just with like 12 solid tracks (F a double disc in 2000 + whatever.. ) it could be like amazing… but people don’t do that these days (some exceptions). New rap records are rushed and the focus isn’t really on pushing what’s dope and creative, but shit still blows up and shit, so there’s not a ton of motivation for artists to get too creative if they don’t have to (Or maybe they forgot how?). And then there’s the dudes that try to rep creativity but just aren’t good at it (grime?). But I like this track. I like rap, too, and I support Outkast and grime to the max. And I’m not really with all the “hip hop is dead, let’s complain about it or discuss how it makes us feel..” so sorry for leading us down that river with this comment..

  2. Yeah I think rap records should max out at like 15 tracks. Even a record with 10 songs, 1 intro, 1 outro, 2 instrumental interludes and 1 silly/funny interlude would be nice. I think the mixtape game hurt this format. Fans demand a tracklisting with like 20+ tracks on it. Then they complain about too much filler. Its funny that the most critically jocked album (Illmatic) has only 9 songs on it. Also the shorter format lends itself better to the one or two producer album which I still feel is the best way to go about it.

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