Posted by: Benner | November 28, 2007

RZA Is Weird (and interesting)

It looks like the Wu-Tang soap opera is simmering down now.  It sounds like everyone is (sort of) on the same page now.   I personally can’t wait for the disc.  And I’m glad that Ghost will satiate my appetite until then (no homo).

spotted at nah right

Another RZA interview (spotted at the Wu-Tang Mountain)


  1. this post and its title title are super.

    And there’s just the right amount of diagrams on the new album, if you ask me

  2. i know i was thinking the same thing. i mean if there were any more diagrams, or any less for that matter, i mean come on

  3. 8 diagrams or big doe rehab?

  4. 8 Diagrams (early) you? b-town? breazy-e? greg?

  5. 8 D
    I like Big Doe alright but it’s my least fav ghost joint yet…
    When first listened to 8 D I basically flipped out.. I expected the worst and was super surprised. I hadn’t heard any of the leaked tracks except for that gently weeps joint. I feel like every song is real dope (exception: “stick me for my riches”=bad).

    tentatively speaking.

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