Posted by: Benner | December 6, 2007

For my Del Fans

I learned over the weekend that about two-fifths of my readership really likes Del.   So I figure I better jump on the bandwagon.  I certainly enjoy the guy.  He really meets his “hella” quota, which I love.  The vid is fun too.  Check it out



  1. top 5


    “avoiding danger, basically”

    no doubt

  2. I love that “danger” line. Did you watch the whole interview? What do you think about the direction he’s planning on going?

    Top 5 on the for real, for real?

    I think I need to check him out harder (nh). It’s been awhile with me and him.

  3. top 5 no doubt
    when I say top 5 i only mean MY top 5 favorites.. Can’t really say much for who’s the best (ain’t no best), if I rapped I’d be the best though.

    watched the whole interview, I love dude, I can’t wait to hear 11th hour. I got a 12″ off it like 2 years ago, it’s definitely different, we’ll see. As far as direction goes, sounds like there’s some slow shit and some fast shit, he means slow shit, on the double time.. gotta love the shout to the south. The music theory thing gives me mixed feelings, when I hear rap dudes talk about “I’m learning music theory now” I figure that they’ll probably just realize that what they were doing already was ‘music theory’… Or maybe dude will come out with some super beats on some real nice chord progressions or something. stay tuned! (pun intended)

    Del stole p-funk before Dre did
    Del wrote/helped Cube rhymes
    Del just wrote a dumb top 40 track
    Del is more creative than 99% of rappers
    Del can flow better than 99% of rappers

    big deal

    See if I left you any of dude’s stuff on your computer..

  4. edit:
    The “del is more creative than..” fraction should be higher, perhaps anywhere from 99.70% to 99.99%, with a statistical uncertainty of 0.05%

  5. del has always been ahead of the curve. he made a whole album about how he was ahead of the curve — “future development, it’s too intelligent…” i respect emcees and producers that grow and experiment. i don’t always like it (see: andre 3000 when he stopped rapping), but i respect it. del is one of the few that i can think of that has been consistently ill throughout his evolution as an artist. both sides of the brain is ridiculous.

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