Posted by: Benner | December 17, 2007

A Touch Christmas

In honor of the new Christmas Cards album that should be dropping this week, I thought I would round-up some fun Christmas things.

I’ll start off with a fun list

Top 5 Christmas movies (be sure to let me now your favorites in the comment section)

5.  A Christmas Story

maybe a little cliche, but undoubtedly classic…

4.  Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer


3.  Home Alone

the wet bandits never stood a chance…

2.   Pluto’s Christmas Tree

does this one count?

1.  Mickey’s Christmas Carol

the g.o.a.t.

Honorable mention goes to Elf (i think it’s too early)

Other Christmas Goodies

Ed Emberley’s Christmas Drawing Book


this joint held me down

Some Christmas Mixes from around the blogosphere

Mix 1

Mini-Mix (from Fat Lace)

And Lastly…

I just love this video (it’s kind of funny, but I think this is my favorite RUN DMC song – is that wrong?)

 Merry Christmas!!!



  1. omg I think it will take me like 2 hours to get through this post. But looking forward to new xmas mixes and movie trailers!

  2. I know, sorry. Sometimes I go overboard…

  3. not to dwell on this (pun intended) but I’ll also need a sec to study these christmas darts.

    in the meantime – my anticipation for the new cards album is pretty large…

  4. the Cards is coming mad soon. I just laid some heat down tonight

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