Posted by: Benner | December 17, 2007

BOYD CITY Interview

I got a chance to interview up and coming producer (and dear friend) BOYD CITY last week.  Here’s what went down…



What up Boyd City?
Oh hey dude
Whats popular in your vicinity?
Man I don’t even know!  People are into cool things – food co-ops, bikes, rap, heavy metal, shoes, stuff like that.  Music-wise, besides rap and heavy metal, people seem to be feeling electronic stuff, or old rock and roll.. Dance stuff.. As far as what’s popular in my solo vicinity, like what I’m into for self, I’d have to say TV shows, foreign stuff, record spots…
You look really good.
Yeah I know but looks are only like half of making music you know?  I’ve been trying though. I’m getting old, probably past my prime.  speaking of being in your prime.. your haircut is a real nice look.
Oh thank you, you’re too kind. I have to say you’re one of my favorite dudes thats doin it with the beats.
Thanks a lot man.  I kind of believe you.  Believe that. I’ve been having fun, I’m glad people are in to it. 

You’ve been doin it for quite awhile now. How long have you been making things?
Well with the beats probably only like 5 years.  I’ve been playing music for a long time though, different instruments, so what.  I’ve been collecting instruments and recording stuff since I was a kid, nothing anyone ever listened to, but I recorded it anyways. 
Thats word.
Yeah it really is.  
Isn’t it though. I like you because it seems like you place an importance on touching on all of the aspects of a production.
I guess so – I mean I do try to make a record like kind of a production in my own style, not in the sense of just making beats and calling myself a producer, but putting on a musical production with the whole record.   If you listen to Boyd City it never really stops, I tried to put it together so that it would work from start to finish and have some common sonic theme.
For those of the readers who don’t know your track record. Fill us all in on your doings in the past.
Okay I’ll keep it to just the beats – I started out making beats that homies would freestyle to on my 4-track, then I made a couple joints that I’d rap to, I had a group called Bars and Nuggets (a gold reference), that was me and Benny B. We had a couple of memorable ones.  Then I put out a couple remix projects.  when I moved back to KC I started working with some other dudes and helped put the whole Symbol Heavy label thing together.  Symbol Heavy is a real fresh look if you don’t know about it.  Pretty next-level dudes.   So yeah with that I made up a group called The Hundred Spokes, I made all those beats and had the homie Beatbroker put some scratches on them.  My little brother Willie did some of the keyboards.  You can download that one free on our website (SYMBOLHEAVY.COM).  I did a bunch of tracks on the label compilation (Symbol Heavy: VOL 1) and mixed that record.  I got some beats on the Brother of Moses solo album, did some beats for my man Scoe, and then put this Boyd City album together.  Boyd City is definitely my most complete put together joint so far.  True or False?
True indeed.
I made those beats kind of spazzing out in a little room in KC, with the 303 and a SP-12.  Lots of samples. I ended up with a bunch of beats and wanted to put something out, right?  So that’s Boyd City.
Whats poppin off musically for you right now?
Man I listen to a lot of stuff.  I like to mellow out on some stuff some time you know?  To be honest I’m not too crazy about new rap albums.  I F’d really hard with that last E-40 record though.  Rick Rock!  I probably listen to as much rock music or pop or whatever as I do rap.  In terms of new music – I’ve been rolling to some soft rock.  I went to a High on Fire show a while ago and definitely loved that.  They’re on some hard rock shit.  And these Dungen dudes.  Swedish psych dudes.  Just about any 70’s/80’s synth-funk record is cool with me. 
No doubt!  You know about that.  I feel like I kind of shorted the rap game with those picks.. I mean if there’s some new rap out I try to listen to it but there’s a lot of stuff that gets put out these days.
Word that. What can we be expecting from dunn one Boyd City in 2008?
Yo really.  I’ll be putting out some stuff.  I’m working on a few different things right now, a project with my man Topp Boom (that dude is gonna floor fools), I’ve got some beats for a couple rappers that may turn in to like EPs or maybe an album. and videos. That’s what I hope to do more of.  I’d love to make like a DVD version of Boyd City.. stay tuned.
Nice. And beyond 08?
Who knows, I mean by that time I might be catching up with the heavy metal game.  Naw.  Probably another album kinda like Boyd City, also I want to do some stuff with instruments like drumsets and guitars, on the future tip though.  There’s rumors of another Bars and Nuggets project, but I heard that wasn’t until like 2020.
Thats hella word. I want to throw out some names and have you give your thoughts.

Man politics is in like my top 5 least favorite things, especially the way it plays out before a presidential election..  I thought Barack was dope a while ago, but he seems to be slipping in his appeal to me.  I don’t really know or care enough to explain that statement though. 

She got kinda fine, right?  I mean relatively.

I’m a fan.  Real creative guy.  There’s some stuff that he does that I wish I could do.  He doesn’t seem to worry too much about making every drum and sample sound like pristine hi-fi, which I appreciate.  I feel like performance and composition is more important than sound quality or fidelity, and his music seems to follow that idea.

So great.  There’s some tracks that he’s done that the beat is so dope you can’t even explain it, you can only bob your head and turn it up.  He’s got that shuffle drum beat down pat.  I have no idea how he got so many drums that sound like the best drums I could ever hope to put down.  I definitely try to learn from him.  R.I.P.
Danger Mouse

Yo man!  You know I’m not crazy about dude.. He’s doing it way bigger than me though so I can’t say much.  I guess I feel like his stuff sounds more mechanical, I’m into looser or groovier stuff.  I do respect him for coming up more or less independently though.

Man I like some of his stuff!  Dude sure does take a lot of credit though.  What’s that all about anyway?

Preist Holmes

Great.  You know he made a comeback right?  Short lived though.  I probably f harder with Christian Okoye though, in terms of Chiefs backs.
George Brett

Hero.  Check his batting stance – He’s got the most gangster lean of anybody.  And it got better with age.
True that! Well, thank you Boyd. We’ll definitely have to continue this on the next one. Any last things you want to say to the Touch readership?
Yeah definitely go cop that Boyd City album!!!  If you don’t want to pay for it get at me and I might lace you up.  And of course big shouts to the Touch blog for the interview. 

Here are some of my favorite selections from Boyd’s catalogue

Better to Live

Rare Cut (rhyme creations made by BGM)


I Love You

Don’t forget to check BOYD CITY out:

on Myspace

at SYMBOL HEAVY (where you can, and should buy everything that they make)

You can also buy BOYD CITY stuff at Turntable Lab!!!!

Check it out here and here (be sure to read the album descriptions!!!)



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