Posted by: Benner | January 8, 2008

From the Sea to the C and I don’t Mean the Sea

A little post about things cracking in my P life.  As you all know I just road tripped across the Southwest from SD to Chicago.  Highlights from that trip should follow shortly.  For now here is a couple of lists about the two cities I’m talkin boust.



5. The Sun — I ended up having a love-hate relationship with the day-ball. I’ll definitely miss the joy that it brought me. I think I started taking it for granted. I’ll probably end up appreciating the sun more in a place with where it does’nt feel like it needs to smother me all the time.


4. The Ocean — The Pacific Ocean is a vast ocean. I liked that I got to see it everyday. I didn’t go to the beach enough, but I liked that the option was always there.



3. El Salvadoran Restraunt and Papuseria — It’s funny to me that the best Mexican food in San Diego isn’t Mexican Food at all it’s El Salvadoran. The Carne Asada a la Plancha will blow your mind. Stupid delicious. Shouts to Taco Surf and Senor Pancho. All you other taco shops get your meat game up.


2. Lay’s Chile y Limon — Bombness in a bag. Dip em’ in a little sour cream. Maybe grab a cold Pepsi. I highly doubt I will be able to find any of these things outside of California (I checked, none in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma or Texas) I might have to have them specially shipped from one of my essdeezian homies


1. The Homies — Speaking of my esdeezian homies, I will definitely miss them. Especially Kate, Jeff and Justin. Actually they were my only friends there. I ran with a very exclusive clique. Shouts to all the work homies, B and all my little dunns, and definitely shouts to Kate’s friends. 





5. The Seasons — I guess I’ll still only get Winter and Summer, but thats better than being stuck in late Spring like I was in San Diego. Snow fights, leaf peeping, summertime BBQs… yes.


4. Good Food — The food in San Diego sucks. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by growing up in Seattle, but I truly beleive that aside from the mexican joints that I mentioned earlier and a small handful of other restraunts in the area, the food there sucks.  The San Diego Reader (SD’s version of the Stranger) voted Olive Garden as being the best Italian Restraunt and Subway as being the best sandwich spot. Nuff said. I have to beleive the food in Chicago will be better (deep-dish pizza, steaks, hot dogs with pickled salads on them… boom yah)


3. Living in a City that has Culture — I don’t excactly know what that culture will consist of in Chicago, but we will see.  San Diego on the other hand, especially downtown, was completely devoid of anything resembling a soul. Walking through downtown SD it felt more like walking through a Disneyland version of a downtown area. Even the surfer, and mexican culture that exists in Southern California, doesn’t really exist in SD proper. When you contrast that with Chi-town, i mean, there’s no comparison. It’s Chi-fricking-cago. It’s the Mid-fricking-West. It’s the heart-fricking-land.  And so-fricking-on, and so-fricking-forth.


2. 60 Minutes will Finally be Following the Game — It’s hard to explain how much this means to me. It’s hard to figure out why excactly it means so much to me either.   I think the TV no-man’s land, consisting of weird infomercials and wack local news, that exists between the end of a game and the beginning of primetime television is brutal.  Especially when you ‘ve had some drinks.  More than just 60 Minutes following the game, it’s that sports games aren’t aired so early on in the evening. The fact that most Mariners, and Sonics games will be starting at 9 o’clock is truly an amazing thing. I can’t frickin wait.


1. My Girlfriend and Bomb-Ass New House (and Neighborhood) — The girlfriend living in the same city as me is exciting for obvious reasons. She also picked out an amazing apartment for us to live in.  It’s humungo, Which means I’m about to set up the hot-ass labratory for beat concoctions and rhyme creations. And it’s a two bedroom so all you fools out there should get your buns out here so you can rock it on your very own Aero Bed.






    Check out Harold’s Chicken Shack and Hot Doug’s


  2. I forgot to mention that I really liked this post (although I guess “BOOM EXCITEMENT” covers it), those top 5’s were on point for both those places, and the pics were great per usual.

  3. Did you know… that right up until like a minute before this post went to the presses, the title was “BOOM, EXCITEMENT”. Wild.

    Whats up with Harold’s? My girl be trippin, she says its gross. Although she was a vegetarian up until like two years ago. And she has never tried it.

  4. OOPS!

    called out. I’ve never been to Harold’s. but I’ve tried to go a couple of times when I was in the CHI, people hate but everyone I’ve heard say it wasn’t good had never eaten there. I thought it was supposed to be dope. I have a soft spot for what some consider “gross” fried chicken places. Please clear this up ASAP.

    I can speak for Hot Doug’s though. first of all… what a name! They’re delicious. “The Sausage Superstore and Encased Meat Emporium”. Much more than just a hot dog spot, no doubt. highly recommended


  5. and don’t sleep on their specials – wild sh*t.

  6. the weiner’s circle is a tasty drunken treat. but they were mad racist. that ain’t right.

    i got dips on the air mattress. i must see the following shows in chi-city: common (he still owes me $20 for the show in seattle. bp knows what i’m talking about); lupe; kanye; r.kelly; twista; and perhaps crucial conflict.

  7. dibs. not dips. word.

  8. I tried to go to Hot Doug’s with my girl tonight, but the spot was mad closed. I guess it’s more of a lunch type spot. I’m DEFINITELY going to hit Harold’s up ASAP. And come with the detailed report.

    Rez, Thanks for the info on Weiner’s Circle, that’s the next stop. (It’s not whites that they are racist against is it?)

    I know Common is playing in Feb, but it’s sold out. I would love to go to Lupe with you. DEFINITELY Kells. Although I feel like his live show would be weird, especially since we are men over the age of 14. Not excactly the demo that he likes targeting…

  9. Kells at the United Center this spring might be a long shot… but I have a tip that he’s scheduled for trial dates at 26th and California in February. Might be a good show too.

  10. i’m going to lupe on jan.30th here in dc at the 930 club. all are welcome to join. would love to see him in the chi though. there’s something about seeing an artist in his/her home city. they bring that extra energy that you might not see otherwise.

    this should provide all the convincing you need to see kells with me in the chi:

  11. Lupe isn’t even hitting the chi on this tour. WTF? Nowhere really in the mid-west. wackness

  12. Woa. Must you put that sweaty mess of a picture up? 🙂

    We miss you too much.

    Love sis

  13. It’s sort of funny, I can see a lot about that picture that’s ugly but I don’t see the sweat. Is sweat your new word for pale? just kidding (HONESTLY, I think it’s a great picture. all the wedding pics are great). Thanks for finally developing the courage to look at my blog. I know it was hard. BTW whats up with b-cuz? What about Killa Kate or A Kate 47? Lemme know…

  14. ooooh, i like that. i actually didn’t come up with b-cuz. i went to reply and that’s what it called me. weird? oh yeah, the other thing that’s sort of ugly is the flaring of nostrils. but that was happening in .95 x 100 % of the pictures… the excitement got to my nose, i suppose. loves.

  15. ps peep the upper lip if you want to see sweat

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