Posted by: Benner | January 9, 2008

Album of the Year

please, please, please don’t sleep.  this thing is MAD solid


the production comes off as being a little shallow to me, but there are some nice melodies in there.  Lyrically, dude is an animal.  Of course there are some horribly over-indulgent throwaway tracks on the album.  And I am far from sold on this Matthew Santos character.  But, IMHO, this is the most solid rap album to come out in a looooooong time.

my fav tracks are

Gold Watch

Hip-Hop Saved my Life


Also check for Lupe on Tavis Smiley tonight

here’s the teaser

(check for local listings)



  1. agreed. album of the year. either lupe or pharaohe monch.

  2. that desire album is hot? do you want to send it to me?

  3. is there a way to send albums over the internet?

  4. Indeed. If you zip it (right click on the folder and go down to send to: compressed zipped folder). Then go to and follow their little instructions. then just send me the link. Anything you want in return? New Wyclef (not bad)? Old Wyclef (you remember)?

    call me if you are having trouble uploading that joint…

  5. word. uploaded and sent. let me know if it works/doesn’t work.

    i’ll pass on the wyclef. but i’ll take fugees “the score” if you have it.

  6. here’s the link that zshare gave me:

  7. Boo-yeah. Muchos gracias. I surprisingly don’t have The Score anymore. *frowns* This is the best I could do…

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