Posted by: Benner | January 25, 2008

***First Official Touch Contest***


“low end theory tape in, bass crazy kickin and”

Here’s the deal.  I was reading a review of the rap documentary The Show over at Passion of the Weiss (it’s a great post, you all should check it out), and it featured a link to a youtube video of the final Arsenio Hall show.  I think this video might contain the highest potency of great rhyme creators in a 10 minute span ever (MC Lyte, Treach, Q-Tip, Phife, Chip-Fu, Guru, KRS-One and the GZA).  My challenge to you, is to find a video with more potency (more great rappers in a similar time frame).  The winner will recieve their very own copy of Tribe Called Quest’s The Low End Theory on cassette, courtesy of yours truly.

here’s the vid

Good luck…



  1. I think I got it:

    Last YO! MTV Raps show:


    *Erick Sermon
    *Chubb Rock
    *MC Serch
    *Method Man
    *Large Professor
    *Special Ed
    *Craig Mack

    Best episode of YO! Raps ever..

  2. Here’s the right link:

  3. Wow, that is pretty incredible. Much more potent. I think that is definitely the early leader. I’m going to leave the contest open for another week to see if there are any more entries, but that is going to be hard to beat. Well done.

  4. So wait…you’re saying you like that Arsenio video more than this.


  5. You’re right Jeff. That video is better, but it’s not as potent. It only has one great rapper in it…

  6. i remember that last episode of yo!

    i’m gonna go ahead and say that it’s undefeatable unless there’s a bootleg video of the wu and the death row roster on stage together circa ’96/’97

  7. Do fantasy rap videos count? Maybe that should be the next contest!!

  8. wish i could participate. alas, my ignorance gets in the way. again.

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