Posted by: Benner | January 25, 2008

Purple Hate

 It looks like Shyheim (the Manchild) has decided to go at Raekwon (the Man).  Here’s the track where he is doing it.  It’s kind of funny, but very mean.  I don’t know what this all stems from, but Shyheim seems very mad.  The only thing I’m going to say (which “Jet Set” already said over at the Wu-Tang Mountain) is that Shyheim should not be talking about shitty production.  Especially while he’s rapping over that beat.  peep the track below…


below is a picture of what Raekwon looked like right after he heard the dis song.  hella sad… 


propers to VDB: The Wu-Tang Mointain

BTW who do you think would win in a fight?



or Rae?




  1. Apparently, after a Wu show in NY, Shy was about to get the drop from Diddy. In the middle of this, Raekwon smacks the camera away from the two talking, seemingly hating on the Manchild. It’s all on video too:

  2. I guess. It seems a little silly that Shyheim wasn’t able to still get the drop from Diddy. I mean, I don’t think that Raekwon is powerful enough to just shut the situation down. If I were Shyheim I would’ve said ‘huh, that was awkward’ and continued to get the drop. Anyway, it’s all really silly…

  3. damn, Rae is hella sad. who is Shyheim again? I just looked him up on wikipedia and it said he’s the main character in TLC’s “Waterfalls” video.

  4. He was also on a Moesha-type sitcom called The Parent ‘Hood’. Awesome…

  5. “Shyheim! AKA The Rugged Child!”

    wutangkillabeez, we on the swarm! wutangkillabeez, we on the swarm!

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