Posted by: Benner | January 26, 2008

Memory Lane…


For those of you who were big time rap fanatics in the early to mid-nineties, you remember what a thrill it was to go (to the Tower Records on Queen Anne) and buy new issues of The Source magazine.  After purchasing the mag, it was of course study time.   I didn’t read a lot of books growing up (oops) but I read a lot of rap magazines.  And I basically studied them as if they were textbooks.  I used to cut out all the “hip-hop quotables” and paste them on my wall.  Anyways, long story short, two (awesome) websites have devoted themselves to republishing articles (and in THIMK’s case entire issues) of The Source and other rap mags.  Enjoy.


Press Rewind



  1. i feel you benner. i used to walk the mean streets of downtown bellevue to get my hands on the source. the first two things i peeped, before i even left the record store? the hip hop quotable, and who got 5 mics?

    first three hip hop quotables that come to mind? esco’s verse on ‘verbal intercourse’, canibus on ‘beasts from the east’, and kurupt on ‘ain’t no fun’

  2. nice, I didn’t know that kurupt verse was a HHQ. The GZA one from Shadowboxin, Esco’s VI verse and Deck’s Triumph verse stand out for me. I think Wu-tang had like 6 out of 12 in 95

    You still got all those rap mags, that you had on your shelf at 4758?

  3. if i do, they’re boxed up at the cribbo in bellevue. i’ll check for you next time i go back.

  4. NOYCE!!! Are those XXLs or Sources?

  5. both

  6. fantastic…

  7. Just found this. Thanks for the shout out.

    vincentlopez @ hotmail . com

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