Posted by: Benner | January 28, 2008

New Gnarls

Yes!! Finally…


The leaked track is called Run

click here to listen

I like it.  Them drums is poppin.  I know B-TOWN and rez are happy…



  1. happy indeed. that first gnarls album was ridunkulous. secretly i hope that cee-lo has one or two joints on this album where he raps like he did on the “soul food” album. i miss that cee-lo.

  2. “Me and my family moved in our apartment complex,
    A gate with the serial code was put up next,
    They claim that this community is so drug free
    But it don’t look that way to me,
    cause I can see the young bloods hanging out at the sto,
    24/7 Junkies looking got a hit of the blo,
    it’s powerful,
    Oh you know what else they tryin to do?
    Make a curfew especially for me and you,
    the traces of the new world order,
    Time is getting shorter,
    if we don’t get prepared people it’s gone be a slaughter,
    My mind won’t allow me to not be curious,
    My folk don’t understand so they don’t take it serious,
    But every now and then, I wonder if the gate was put up to keep crime out or to keep our ass in…”

  3. JEEZ.
    I really shouldn’t say anything about this. Except I will… duh! this sounds a ton like that one gnarls barkley album with that one song, which I didn’t like at all, so by the transitive property of hating I don’t like this.

  4. P.S. did you really say the drums is poppin? I need new speakers.

  5. This song, and that album were made for sexy people with awesome clothes who only listen to music on their ipod stock headphones. That’s where them drums are poppin. Dunn. You wouldn’t understand…

  6. Gnarls Barkley is what good music sounds like.

    My mom is hella into them too.

    So if Wu is for the children, is Gnarls for your moms?

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