Posted by: Benner | January 30, 2008

Seasons Change…

Mad things rearrange…


I finally decided it was time to make TOUCH more of a collaborative thing.  I’m hoping to develop a squadron of  four or five dudes that will contribute, regularly to semi-regularly, to the blog.  This is in hopes of making this site better, more interesting, and more fun.  So expect to see some posts from some new people in the coming days and weeks.  I hope that it isn’t scary for you.

5 points to the first person who can finish the rap line that is in this post’s title (seasons change, mad things rearrange…)


  1. Fugees?

    “Season change/ mad things rearrange/ But it all stays the same like the love Dr. Strange”

    I had to break out 7th grade memory for that one…

  2. 5 points to ZW

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