Posted by: Benner | February 4, 2008

I Got that Ignorant S**t you Like

Or at least that ignorant s**t you feel luke-warm about.  New mixtapes from the Clipse and G-Unit.  Both of these are hot-fire and definitely worth checking out.  Also, they both blatantly reference the greatest rap record of all time, so you know I had to love it.  I know, I know, 50 lost… but he still picks great beats for his mixtapes.  And hey, they’re free…

click on the covers to download…



UPDATE: The clipse download link is working now



  1. A good look.
    downloading now, hoping the true dunns have a decent presence on that g-unit one. Or at least more verses than that dude hot-rod.

  2. I got the g-unit one to download and open but the clipse one asks for a password when I try to extract it..

    what’s the pw god? or am i trippin?

  3. G-Unit is only tight over Jake One beats (big-up Seattle). Their time has come and gone, and they are about as irrelavent today as Bad Boy Records.

    The Clipse are the illest out, and I’m looking forward to hearing them over Rick Rubin beats (since he signed them). Let’s bring that good music back!

  4. Okay Okay
    got that clipse, played it in the whip. on point right along with the last 2. This will be in heavy rotation.

    I was hecka pumped about the hell hath no fury album based on how next level their mixtapes were (big deal who wasn’t), but I don’t listen to that album nearly as much as the mixtapes… blame it on the neptunes.. oops

  5. ditto that.

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