Posted by: Benner | February 5, 2008

Fox News (Fleet Foxes News That Is)


Extended Family (the Foxes are basically the male quartet in the middle as well the dude on the far left)

A lot has been going on with The Fleet Foxes lately (Seattle stand the f**k up!!).  They have two (bomb-ass) records recorded.  They just shared signatures with the folks at Sub Pop (classy move guys).  They announced a nationwide tour with Blitzen Trapper (check their space for dates).  And they got a really nice write-up in The Stranger.  I’ll lay it out plain for you.  These m’er f’ers make bomb-ass music (Don’t believe me? Check the tunes streaming on their myspace). 

click “read more” to continue reading (duh!)

The band’s instrumentation is crazy on point.  Their harmonies, melodies, lyrics, and steez are all stupid fantastic.  Some of ya’ll might remember hearing the Foxes demo that they were selling awhile back.   I dug way hard on that demo.  I thought lead singer Robin Pecknold’s voice was incredible, and the songs he wrote were equally as brilliant.   By the time I saw the group perform at Bumbershoot this past year, I could sense that things were changing.  They performed none of the songs from the demo.  Songs that I had grown very fond of.  I was a little disappointed but I knew that they knew what they were doing.  It had been over a year since the demo was released and they had grown.  Grown both musically, and in the size of the band, adding Casey Wescott as their piano man, and Christian Wargo as an extra vocalist (as well as various other instruments). 

I was fortunate enough to have recently heard the music that will soon be the Foxes first full-length release.  It sounds amazing, although I must say that during my first listen through I was disappointed that some of the songs from their demo did not get the improved production treatment that these new songs were given.  It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with this batch of songs though, and completely forget about the old ones. 

The new songs are more cohesive and deliberate. And now I can’t see it any other way.  The album works perfectly.  It has moods, and characters, and stories and almost like a musical plot-line.  An introduction, a body, a climax (you’ll know what I’m talking about when Robin starts singing about “the quivering forest”), and a resolution.  It’s too bad the greater public will have to wait until June to hear this, but it will be well worth your wait.  When you do cop it, I recommend taking it along with you for a drive on the Kitsap Peninsula.  You won’t be disappointed. 

To satiate you until then, they have an EP release called “Sun Giant” coming in May (I think it will be for sale at their tour dates as well) as well as plenty of music streaming on their MySpace.    So make sure to buy both of those releases when they drop.  You should also make sure to check them out when they come to your town (the tour starts in a little over a week).  Their live shows are amazing.  Trust.

check the article from The Stranger out here (a really good read)

check the Foxes out on MySpace

Some tour dates of importance for known TOUCH readers

Seattle (February 15 at the Vera Project)

San Francisco (February 28 at Bottom of the Hill)

Los Angeles (February 29 at the Troubador)

San Diego (March 1 at The Casbah)

Washington DC (March 24 at Black Cat Backstage)

Chicago (April 6 at Schubas) (I’ll be at this one)

Madison (April 8 at High Noon) (and hopefully this one)

Back to Seattle (April 18 at Neumo’s)

Portland (April 19 at Holocene)

here is there “crazy” photo from the same session (some people didn’t want to play)


Oh and yes, one of my dear friends is Casey Wescott, but I am not biased.  Trust me, I have plenty of friends who are in bands that suck.



  1. congrats to them foxes! very deserved, they’re one of my favorite new groups out anywhere. I guess I’m kind of biased but I really do think they’re gonna do large things..

    I just read the stranger write up (it was a big one) and noticed they got some love (i.e. non-hate) from Pitchfork, which isn’t easy to do.

    go see these guys on tour, you won’t be disappointed.

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