Posted by: Benner | February 6, 2008

Nap Time is Over…


Music-maker extraordinaire (and TOUCH commenter) Boyd City is makin moves again.  His label, Symbol Heavy, released a collaborative album a little while ago and today it was reviewed (very favorably) over at  Also a couple weeks ago, Turntable Lab listed his solo album as one of the most “slept on” releases of 2007!!  Nap time is over…

Check the OKAYPLAYER review here (3 and a half Afros… that’s more than Styles P!!)

Check the Turntable Lab stuff here

Check the Boyd City interview with TOUCH here (conducted last month) (it’s hella bomb!)

Buy Boyd City here and here and on iTunes 

Peep his MySpace here (hot joints streaming) and the SYMBOL HEAVY space here (hot joints streaming) and their website here



  1. hot joints streaming no doubt

    big high fives to Touch for the shine

    if anybody reads this and wants these joints hit me up and maybe I can show you a place where you can cop for no dough (free, guy)..

  2. And just to clear the air, me and Styles P have squashed our beef(s)

  3. Let’s all be thankful that the Boyd City + Styles P beef never spilled into the streets…

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