Posted by: Benner | February 11, 2008

Grammy Wrap-Up


I was considering doing an extensive Grammy post here, but I think I’ll just ditto what Jeff Weiss had to say about them.  I think he nailed it.

and click “read more” to see some of my video highlights

peep Nas’ (and Kelis’) ballsiness on the red carpet

too bad Feist had to do this song for the umpteenth time




  1. word up
    some thoughts:

    1. kanye is funny.

    2. rhianna is pretty. Alicia Keys’ butt is awesome, Beyonce’s butt is super-human. Tina Turner’s butt is shiny.

    3. fergie=music?

    4. foo fighters suck a ton forever and ever.

    5. Herbie Hancock has contributed more to music with any one of his albums (or songs for that matter) than Kanye will in his whole life.

  2. Kanye is a real talented dude, but I’m over the whole hip-hop hipster look…I mean REALLY Kanye?

    Just because it’s cool for 26 year olds to buy vintage sweaters and never wash their hair, doesn’t mean you need to head in that direction. He’s getting too old to dress like Michael Jackson, and really needs to stop trying so hard…It made more sense when he wore Polo rugbies and giant chains.

    Stop fronting dude…

  3. I tend to agree with the whole

    Herbie Hancock >>>>>> Kanye West

    philosophy. Do you think Kanye beleives that? I also agree with zeckwreck that Kanye is hella talented.

    It was a VERY surprising pick for me still though. Did you know that Herbie’s album was the first jazz album in FORTY(!) years to win best album at the Grammys. Awesomeness. I can’t imagine liking his album more than Ye’s though. Call me a stan…

    Butts are beautiful

    Can you beleive my boo said Beyonce’s legs were too big. tsk, tsk… (BREAZY-E you’re being called out)

    I’d rather “do” Tina Turner (and/or Carol King, Aretha Franklin) than Fergie. No question.

    Foo Fighters and Fergie should collabo an album (group name: Triple F) and call it “We Hate Music” or even better “Wack-Ass Music is Dead”

  4. I am taking back my slander on Beyonce’s legs. She and all the other gals (save Fergs) were looking great. I think it was just more than I wanted to see with her first outfit.

    I haven’t heard the Herbie Hancock album (and I’m guessing that a very small percentage of those that voted for it did either). I’m okay with a jazz record winning, but I really doubt that it was as good as Graduation. It’s nice that he was honored on the 50th Grammys and all, but the great thing about award shows is that they celebrate what’s happening in current music, and I don’t think a Joni Mitchell tribute album qualifies.

    I feel really bad that the Foo Fighters and Jason Bateman had to stay outside for most of the show… what kind of a comeback is it, really, when you don’t even get to be inside the club?

    Speaking of old music, Thriller 25 is coming out tomorrow!!

  5. Comeback? Them Foos never left baby.

    *light bulb illuminates over head*

    What about a Foo Fighters – Fu Schnickens collabo

    group name: Foo Schnickens (or Fu Fighters, it’s however you want it)

    album title: Foo-Fu (ya’know like fru fru i.e. hella girly)

    Bomb o no?

    I mean I’m sure one of those Fu’s (Moc Fu?) knows how to play drums better than that Foo drummer who looks like one of B-TOWNS college friends (present company excluded)

    *shots fired*

  6. oh yeah, and that Thriller 25 looks tight

  7. I know the Foo Fighters never left (they’ve been “making their residence” in the land of mediocrity for what, 15 years?)…. I was referring to Mr. Bateman’s appearance as the “host”….

  8. aaahhh…

  9. *shells stinging*

    yeah i mean I’m not saying I support herb winning the grammy (I didn’t hear his new joint) but I’m not upset that kanye lost either. Graduation was okay, toomp destroyed, and Ye put out a daft punk single that came out in 2001..

    Foo Fu would be tight, but I think the Foo+Ferg “wack ass music is dead” album is maybe the best idea ever

    Did you guys laugh at Vince Gil’s shot at Kanye or were you like “ooooh”, or both?

  10. oh and I’d really like to hear Ye’s thoughts on a
    Herbie Hancock >>>>>> Kanye West

    I tend to think he wouldn’t be too humble in his take but maybe I’m being judgemental towards Ye the tastemaker.

  11. I loved the Vince Gill shot at Ye, but I’m glad it came when he was getting a country award. Had he then won Album of the Year, he might have the first ever Kanye dis track directed at him.

  12. It felt like cruel and unusual punishment to watch Amy Winehouse perform “Rehab.” I cringed and shuddered, like fifteen thousand times. However, I think I’ll adopt the name + action way she referred to her husband (e.g., “To my Blake incarcerated”—“To my Benner blogging” “To AK847 writing about smoking all the time on her blog”).

  13. “To my rza judging”

    just joking. Yeah that Rehab performance was scary. I was watching on an HD channel and had to immediately switch it back to a normal channel. She seemed like she was on drugs (or maybe off drugs)

  14. Apart from the quality of her performance (which was weird, for sure), for me it was also just hearing her sing that song in light of her current situation (I think she’s in rehab? Or at least definitely should be). I would think her drug counselor would have been like “No no no. [har!] You can’t sing that song right now. It’s counterproductive to your rehabilitation.” It just seems so mean and inhumane that the public demands that she sing that song and that she gets re/awarded for it. I dunno, it just struck a nerve.

    P.S. I tots agree with B-Town that Fergie and her small forehead are really perplexing. Though she does give some hope for recovering meth addicts, I suppose.

  15. I agree. I don’t know if you saw MTV’s VMAs this year but that show was sort of promoted in a similar way. Only with the VMAs it was Britney Spears who was the victim of award show producers looking to capatilize on people’s inability to look away from trainwrecks.

    In the case of both award shows the results were mixed for the people who put them on. On one hand both young women’s performances surely boosted the ratings, but adversely the shows were certainly cheapened by their appearences.

    Cheapened in the sense that, like you said, the performances by the girls were obviously against whatever treatment or program they were undergoing, and so the producers come off looking like exploiters. Not that the VMAs (or the Grammys for that matter) have been high-class events for the last decade

    To take off on your joke Amy could have sang “They’re tryin to make me go and sing that, I say no no no”

    Feist, Alicia, Tina, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Time, and Rhiannon should have sung those lines too. Though for different reasons…

  16. I did see Britney’s wreck on the VMAs. Of course, I saw it, not because I watched the show, but because the youtube video of it was reposted on a bazillion blogs. You are completely correct in drawing a comparison between the two situations.

    This reminds me of a quote from the Britney expose in this issue of Rolling Stone:

    “She is intelligent enough to understand what the world wanted of her: that she was created as a virgin to be deflowered before us, for our amusement and titillation. She is not ashamed of her new persona — she wants us to know what we did to her.”

    Kind of haunting, isn’t it?

  17. That’s crazy. Very haunting indeed…

  18. Britney Spears = G.O.A.T.

  19. G.O.A.T. at what?

  20. Alright I get bugged out by all the amy whinehouse britney spears heidi montag discussions. BUT I’ll go ahead and weigh in on this:

    I thought Amy Whinehouse’s performance was good, better than a lot of the others at the grammys. she’s got a funky style, and definitely has an ‘i dont give a f’ attitude which is pretty rock and roll after all. I thought she sounded good, her voice was on and she knew most of the words. I was surprised that they put her on the bill (and more that she accepted and showed up).

    Maybe I thought it was good because I was expecting it to be more like this:

    or this:

    but I can’t compare amy’s performance to britney’s at the vmas. for one britney wasn’t singing.. or moving really..

    For a while (back in ’07) I really felt like Britney was okay, she was just getting blown up by the media. I would have plenty of bar conversations where I’d have her back against all the ‘britney is crazy’ gangs. I felt like it wasn’t that big of a deal and that not-famous people do shit like that all the time and everybody was overreacting. Then Britney proved to me that she really was crazy. It took a while though and I think I lost some dough betting that she would have a super-duper comeback and be just a big as before (there’s still time!)

    but I don’t think Amy is comparable to Brit’s situation at all. Amy’s a super talented vocalist (although I’d like to say this about Britney I’m afraid it’s never been true), she’s just a big drug abuser. so what? that’s been fine for a ton of rock bands, rappers, producers, actors, etc and in some cases has aided their creativity and success. Amy’s just a bit more intriguing than other stars and people love drama/controversy/wasted people. Plus I gotta admit she performs wasted kinda often..

    not sure if i really made any kind of point, but there it is. I just thought her performance was good, that’s all. Maybe in like 2 months once Amy has gone completely crazy I’ll update my stance.

  21. I completely agree that Amy is ten times (prolly more) as talented as Britney. There is no comparison as far as artistry or talent. Although I will say that Amy’s last album was a shite sandwich, with maybe three listenable songs, and Britney’s last joint was pretty bomb. The only similarity I was pointing out was in the promotion of the award shows. Promotion that, in both instances, centered around the (seemingly) miraculous appearence of a celebrity in the middle of a trainwreck. Amy’s case being that she is a documented crack smoker fresh out of rehab, and Britney’s case being that she is a crazy person (for lack of a better term), who has almost completely lost control of herself.

    It isn’t their respective performances that I am concerned with. Obviously Amy’s was a hell of a lot better. It’s that they were both used in the same manner to promote a TV show. It just came off a lot classier in the case of the Grammys

  22. gotcha

    yeah i definitely agree with all that. my rant was in response to rez’s dis of amy’s performance.

    rez, you got beef or what? we can work this out with the tools or whatever son.

  23. sorry dunn, I thought you were coming at me…

    funny thing is… That’s not rez. It’s one of my sister (A-kate-47)’s friends. rza’s mad handy with the steel though. I don’t think you want to duel with her.

    It’s confusing though. rez is rezmatic. remember? it’s easy to forget though, because he never comments on here anymore because he doesn’t care about me, and he hates me and wishes I was injured.


  24. dang! whatup then rza, rezmatic and all of you’s.

    well that does explain rza’s use of “tots” (pronounced “totes” if I got it right). But I know my man rez is good with the street slang so he’s probably up on that too.

    Um.. rza – I take back my threat about airing out our beef through violence. how about a fresh start. coo?

    the good news is that this means there’s like twice as many readers on this blog as I thought…

  25. …I know, it’s very exciting

  26. can’t wait to weigh in. y’all had me crying laughing here in catalina by the fireplace. just setting the scene. first of all, genius comparison between the amy and britney promotion schemes. did you come up with that on your own bruz? also, the grammy’s this year had the 3rd lowest viewing in history or some sh- so it clearly didn’t work out well for them. and this is to my bff, rza: i promise to ween off the cig talk for at least one round. after all, i think that topic is super tired, along with discussion of physical activity and nutrition. boring! also, i LOVE that you and i both came away with the same thing from the winehouse performance.
    here’s to blake incarcerated, eryn scrabbulousing benner blogging, and rza cooking bomb ass posole. oh. and boyd trying to step to my girl. 🙂

  27. it’s okay, b-town, i forgive you. though if you’d like to “work it out with the tools,” i’m happy to do so. to quote the best movie of all times: “you say stones, i say stones. you say bats, i say bats.”

    i actually think we’re all saying the exact same thing here, anyway. i wasn’t intending to knock her performance either. it was “cruel and unusual punishment” to watch her perform rehab, not b/c her performance was so terrible (it wasn’t really), but b/c i just felt like it was really mean of the establishment, or whomever, to make her sing the anti-rehab anthem in the midst of her attempt to rehabilitate herself. that’s it. i wasn’t dissing her performance, per se. though i did think it was kinda weird, that was really just b/c she dances really really funny and surprisingly devoid of rhythm. sorry for the miscommunication, if any.

    goodbye…for now (though this topic never seems to die).

    benners, 27 comments must be a record of some sort. you should be proud.

  28. I know. 27 28 comments is definitely a record for my site. I’m definitely proud, although I didn’t really even say anything in my initial post. B-TOWN pretty much started this thing off with his first comment. But it feels good anyhow. Thanks for all of your great comments.

    I hope a post about the Oscars will bring as much conversation…

    P.S. Forgive my ignorance, but which movie is the best of all times?

  29. ask your sister. you are not ignorant.

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