Posted by: djjerrynice | February 11, 2008

Video Rewind

INI: “Fakin’ Jax”


“Fakin’ Jax” is the big single off INI’s debut album Center of Attention (1995).  The group was formed in 1994 and consisted of MC’s  Rass, Rob-O, Grap Luva, and Marco Polo (with the legendary Pete Rock overseeing all production). 

But due to label issues, this hip-hop classic (yes I said it) never received a proper release.  In 2003, Pete Rock released most of the tracks on a compilation album entitled Lost & Found: Hip-Hop Underground Soul Classics.

However, the Center full-length is best heard when played as it was originally intended:


1. Center of Attention

2. No More Words

3. Step Up

4. Think Twice

5. Square Won

6. Life I Live

7. Kross Roads

8. Fakin’ Jax

9. Props

10. To Each His Own featuring Q-Tip & Large Professor

11. What You Say

12. Grown Man Sport

13. Mind Over Matter

14. Fakin’ Jax (Remix)

Don’t Sleep…



  1. I love it. This is definitely going to get the cassette treatment. It’s sort of crazy that this flew under the (well, at least my personal) radar.

    What do you think Fakin Jax means?

    Maybe in the process of playing Ball and Jax (best game ever by the way. fuck marbles!) you sneak a Jax into your hand before you drop the ball. mad sneaky. It seems like being laid on your back for that, is a little excessive though.

  2. One of those guys (Grap Luva maybe) is humongous…

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