Posted by: djjerrynice | February 12, 2008

Tip Drill

Q-Tip: “Fever” (produced by J Dilla)

This is the first single off Q-Tip’s upcoming album “The Renassiance.” 

And just in time to commemorate the passing of the great Jay-Dee (February 10th, 2006)..

Turn it up!



  1. you beat me to the punch…

    this is some serious snap your neck music. BREAZY-E I don’t reccomend playing this song anytime soon (wifey’s got a stiff neck. maybe from Dilla Day?).

    When’s that new Tip coming out?

  2. I thought Dilla ended up not liking Tip. Something about Q taking too much credit for beats produced by the Ummah…

  3. I heard about that too..

    Q-Tip did produce Nas’ “One Love,” so he’s gravy in my book. But it did take Dilla a little too long to escape from “The Ummah” shadows. I think Dilla was the backbone of that group, but Tip tried to make more of a joint thing than it really was.

    Check Busta’s “Woo-Hah (Ummah remix),” which is definitely a Jay-Dee beat. Where I feel he should have received full credit, it says “The Ummah” was responsible for all production…Not feeling that Tip.

  4. I think Q-Tip’s entire “Amplified” album sounds like it is at least 90 percent Dilla done, but it is credited to the Ummah too… I’d feel a little slighted if I were Dilla.

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