Posted by: Benner | February 12, 2008

(Oh) Word Up


Oh Word has dropped a couple of “heater posts” this week.  One (in the vein of the HHIR sample sets that I love showcasing, although the set is not entirely complete) is an extensive collection of the samples that made up Illmatic (I have zipped them all up for you here).  You should go to OW to check out the post because the author (Dan Love from the blog Bust the Facts From da Bricks) goes in-depth about some of the sampled songs, producers, and Illmatic itself. Def a good read…


The next post from Oh Word was a hot ass Valentine’s Day mix  for all the Dunns in Love out there.  Visit OW for this one too, because they do a good (and funny) write-up to introduce the mix.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, rezmatic I think we need a Beats for the Sheets mix posted up here for the big day…



  1. What’s good with Slum Village’s “Look of Love” or “Fall in Love?” Dang..

    Anyhoo, DOPE little mix here.

    I need to find myself a nice little jump-off before the big day. If you are a female living in San Francisco between the ages of eleventeen and 48 look me up!

    We can listen to D’Angelo “Voodoo” and just chillax (you know, chill and relax at the same time)..

  2. You can’t put em all in…

    However, I certainly would’ve added “Beautiful Skin” by Goodie Mob and “So Into You” by Fab (don’t hate, the song is near perfect)

    And where is the LL in the mix? He is the undisputed father of the rap love song.

  3. Hey,

    Thanks for linking to my post over at Oh Word: much appreciated.

    Just so you know, I actually run, although I wish I could lay claim to BTF as well.



  4. Good looking on the Nas article Dan!

    One of the better Illmatic articles I’ve ever read.

  5. Benner -we did indeed include Goodie Mob “Beautiful Skin.”

    For the record, the ONLY LL Cool J love song that doesn’t suck is the “Loungin'” remix. We made it a special point to only include dope songs with a minimum of outright debasement on this mix, and I think we succeeded. The playlist sequence is also great, someone should make it into an actual mix…

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