Posted by: Benner | February 13, 2008

Touch Contest!!!



 Check it out…

I feel that it is time that I change the domain name.  As it is now the domain name ( is a little odd, and sort of awkward to explain and spell for people (and a little selfish too).  You’re probably like… big whoop.  But this could be fun

The person who comes up with the best domain name wins the tape pictured at the top of the post (BDP – Ghetto Music: The Blueprint of Hip Hop).  I’ll let the contest run for one week, at which time the winner will be chosen by yours truly. 

No bribes will be accepted

I will play too (it may sound unfair, but I often think my ideas stink)

Please send in as many ideas as you can come up with

Good Luck!!!



  1. I’ll start it off like this


    hint, they are all UGod phrases

  2. How about:

    cooliehigh (the hotness)

  3. what about just “touch”? is that taken?


  4. touch is taken. that was obviously one of my first tries. I like your sugg though

  5. here’s some obvious ones:
    touchbass or

    I hope I win the tape.

  6. touchbass or touchbase is dope..

    Is touchbaserock.wordpress taken?

  7. yeah I’m likin touchbass


  9. Yeah I think Touchbass is the victor

  10. Congragulations BREAZY-E!!!!! I guess this really cuts down on my shipping costs for the prize.

  11. Speaking of which, I’m still waiting for my Tribe on tape…Dag Y’all.

  12. oops…. my bad. youll def have it by next friday

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