Posted by: Benner | February 16, 2008

Peep and Ponder

“Bad Boy bitin Nas album cover, wait…” 

For all the controversy that stemmed from Ghostface saying (on the Purple Tape) that Biggie (and company) bit Nas’ album cover, it seems GFK may have been wrong.  I, personally, never saw a strong similarity between the Illmtic and Ready to Die covers, aside from the fact that both prominently featured little kids.  I think Bad Boy did bite an album cover but I don’t think it was Nas’.  Might it have been the Fila Fresh Crew?  Peep and ponder…


click “read more” to see the Biggie and Nas covers as well as some other possible sources of inspiration for Biggie et al.


 the culprit…


the supposed source…


another possible source…


the most likely source…


the ultimate little kid album cover bite…


can ya’ll think of any other albums with children on the cover? I’m curious…

UPDATE: I think I finally found the ultimate source of inspiration…

George Harison’s A Concert for Bangladesh




  1. these artists/labels are resorting to their best marketing tactics to sell records. Everyone (except George Harrison, apparently) knows that cute babies sell.

  2. Yeah, I like those marketing tactics…

    I think this might be a good picture for the cover of the A-K8-47, Benner collabo album titled “Sibling Revelry”


  3. brazills. glad you haven’t given up on our future as a duo. i just made that pic my desktop so that i don’t forget our aspirations.

  4. I would buy that record. I’m a sucker for those cute babes.

  5. Don’t forget:

    Not only biting the Nas cover, but also naming himself “Baby.” You can’t have the best of both worlds homie…

  6. Good point. That is a beautiful album cover. Half man-half mallard. Brilliant…

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