Posted by: Benner | February 19, 2008

And The Winner Is….


I put a call out to some of my loyal TOUCH readers to ask what they felt were the best rap album covers of all time.  It wasn’t a scientific process by any means but I do feel as though we came up with a very decent list. 

click “read more” to see the results

20) Prince Akeem — Coming Down Like Babylon


19) Black, Rock & Ron — Stop The World


18) E.L. Me & The Street Products — 16 Lessons From The Street


17) Facedown — Illegal Drugs Really Hurt


16) Tony D AKA Harvee Wallbanger — Droppin Funky Verses


15) Kilo — America Has A Problem Cocaine


14) MC A.D.E. And Posse — Just Somethin To Do


13) MC Shy D — Got To Be Rough


12) Greyson & Jaysun — Sweatin Me Wet


11) The W.I.S.E. Guyz — eF yoU eN Kay E


10) Tony M.F. Rock — Let me Take you to the Rock House


9) Steady B — Bring the Beat Back


8 ) Gigolo Tony & The Ghetto Soldiers — Living in a Concrete Jungle (Only the Strong Shall Survive)


7) The Known Rulers — Paper Chase


6) The Skinny Boys — Skinny and Proud


5) Party Posse — It’s Party Time


4) King Tee — Acta Fool


3) Einstein — The Theory of Emcees Squared


2) The Skinny Boys — Weightless


1) Positively Black — Positively Black



Just jokng, I am tallying the votes for the list right now, and I should have it posted up by tonight or tommorow.  You have to admit there are some pretty tight album covers up in this mix though.  Any favorites?






  1. You all are about to be the most controversial rap bloggers in the sphere with those picks.

  2. WHOA…I think you should stick with this one.

    How about the MC A.D.E. one? The next Wreck the Technique article has one that is definitely worthy of this list.

    The Known Rulers! Wow..Speechless.

  3. WOW dude. I gotta step my rap game up, I haven’t heard of hardly any of these dudes but they definitely did it proper with their covers.

    That known rulers joint looks real tight, especially given the album name. And if you ever see an LP by Facedown definitely pick it up for me (I’ll get you back)

  4. maybe this audio of FACEDOWN “Illegal Drugs Really Hurt” will hold you over until I (or you) find the hard copy.

    There are 6 on Amazon, but they’re like 30 bucks and up.

    And if any of ya’ll want audio for any of these releases check Bust the Facts. That’s where I found most of the album covers.

  5. i’m trying to cop that skinny boys album. i feel their whole steez.

  6. […] guess this is sort of anti-cliamactic after I posted the fake “top rap album covers” list a few days ago.  A list that included many obscure album covers that may or may not be […]

  7. Wow! Joke or not, you got me @ #10! LOL!! I’m flattered!

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