Posted by: djjerrynice | February 19, 2008


Prodigy: “ABC’s (Spanglish)”

Check the first official single from H.N.I.C. 2:

ABC’s (Spanglish Version)

Here’s an earlier version of the song that dropped in December:

In my opinion, the beat is incredible and sounds like vintage Mobb Deep (you know, back when they were good).  I’m moreso digging the youtube version though…Not really sure what repeating the previous bar in Spanish is about.

Anyway, I hope this album delivers and is worthy of my #10 spot:

See “Top Ten Albums of 2008” 



  1. I guess HNIC 2 is coming out on some label called Voxonic. That company developed a software that can translate voices into 1400 different languages (entonces, HNIC 2 will be available in 1400 languages too). I guess that explains the Spanglish aspect. I think the real song will be in straight english (if you want it to be). I might cop the French version.

    It goes without saying that this is an EXTREMELY bizzare way to release an album. Also strange is the fact that Voxonic picked Prodigy to be the person who delivers this technology to the world

    Peep GRANDGOOD’S mention of it and VOXONIC’s website

  2. I’m going to wait for mine in German.

    Berlin goes hard…

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