Posted by: Benner | February 25, 2008

Wolfgang’s Vault

I had to shine some light on this cool music site I found called Wolfgang’s Vault.  Some of you TOUCH readers might appreciate the content.  It’s got an extensive collection of live music.  Most of it is from Country Music and Americana but there some Sly & The Family Stone and Stevie Wonder Shows.

Some of my Favorites from the site…

Sly & The Family Stone (10-05-1968) Live at the Fillmore East

Dolly Parton (05-13-1977) Live at The Bottom Line

Hall & Oates (04-23-1982) Live in Baltimore

Paul Simon (10-07-1980) Live at the Tower Theatre

Stevie Wonder (03-03-1973) Live at the WInterland

The Beach Boys (6-27-71) Live at the Fillmore East 

Check it out here (

Enjoy.  This is perfect for cooking, doing dishes, cleaning, or playing cribbage… 



  1. cannot WAIT to check this out. looks incredible.

  2. I discuss the Sly and the Family Stone show you have listed in my book about Sly. It’s a great show! I didn’t get through Wolfgang’s Vault but I am glad I was able to get a copy and include it in the book. Thanks for this post – the Stevie Wonder show sound interesting.

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