Posted by: Benner | March 4, 2008

Jigga Who…

for my Texas and Ohio dunns…

Jay for Barack


  1. Man I hope I get one of these calls. I wonder who will be doing the Oregon celebrity calls for Obama…. for some reason I don’t think it’ll be a rapper.

  2. maybe it will be Seattle that calls Oregon, consdidering how much you guys admire us

  3. speak.

  4. I’m so goddam tired of listening to Clinton speak. She doesn’t inspire one bone in my body (hyuk-hyuk).

    But seriously, Obama is the only answer for this country. I don’t blame Texas though, they also voted Bush Jr. into office a while back.


  5. I don’t understand how Clinton is still winning primaries.

  6. me mentor (who’s a clinton fan) brought up a good conspiracy theory today that might have the answer for that question. this is unsubstantiated (breazy?) but in texas, you can vote for dems even if you are repubs. since the rebubs think hill can’t beat mccain, maybe repubs voted for hill in the primary so that she would win. they wouldn’t need to vote for mccain in droves since he already was clearly the candidate. thoughts?

  7. It turns out that Rush Limbaugh was urging Texas Republicans to vote for Hillary so that Obama wouldn’t win now and the Dems would “continue to tear each other apart” for months leading up to the general election.

    I’m convinced that the texas republicans are not sophisticated enough to mobilize en masse for Hillary in order to avoid Obama in November, but Rush may have been on the right track strategically.

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