Posted by: djjerrynice | March 7, 2008

Video Rewind: Artifacts

Artifacts: “Wrong Side of the Tracks”

This is the first single off the New Jersey duo’s Between a Rock and a Hard Place (1994).  Artifacts consisted of MC’s El Da Sensai and Tame One, both well known graffiti artists during their time.

Thier second album, That’s Them (1997) is another slept on classic that never reached its full potential.  From start to finish, it remains consistant throughout, something that is clearly lacking in most albums today. 

Here’s the main single off That’s Them:

Artifacts: “The Ultimate”

Unfortunately, Artifacts split after the second album in order to persue their respected individual careers.  El made a little noise with his solo LP, The Unusal (2006), but neither artist ever regained the momentum they had as a duo.

If you’re not familiar with their music, I stongly suggest giving these records a listen.  Both albums are incredible on all levels, and still get regular rotation on my playlist.

“I’m out to bomb like Vietnam under the same name Tame One/
The bad one, ink flow master bastard with the Magnum/
I tags up quick, and then I steps to the exit/
When it’s time to get sefted or flex on some fresh shit/
Some wack crook stole my black book I know who took it/
I know his whole tag because the fag writes his name crooked

I mean, what?

Please don’t sleep…

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