Posted by: djjerrynice | March 11, 2008

Doing What He Does

By Zeck Wreck aka Jerry Nice

So, I heard a lot about this guy Kev Brown since moving down to the Bay Area (even though dude is from Washington D.C.). Another DJ from work passed along some beat tapes (probably bootlegged) and I immediately became hooked. Upon first listen, it’s hard not to find comparisons to some of rap’s greats. Most notably, Brown seems to find inspiration from Pete Rock (on the drums and jazzy samples), and J Dilla (bass lines). But somehow, he creates a sound all his own that comes off very natural and original. You can really tell that he knows a lot about music, and is conscious about making soulful music that sounds good.

The other day I found his debut album I Do What I Do (2005) on CD at Amoeba Records for $7.99 (marked down from $12.99). Needless to say, I picked this up quickly and headed straight home to give it a listen.

Off the bat, this album is pure dopeness. My personal favorite track, “Say Sumthin,” sounds like hip-hop in its glory days…You know, perfect boom box music for the summertime.

Like I said before, the Pete Rock comparisons are too obvious to ignore. Is that necessarily a bad thing though?

Kev Brown: “Say Sumthin”

And live:

This album is full of gems like the above track, including “Work in Progress,” which is a little more on the grimy tip:

Kev Brown: “Work in Progress (Live)”

Anyway, I bought this album last weekend and haven’t been able to keep it off my iPod (and ghetto blaster) since.

Then yesterday I checked Rasputin Music downtown, and to my surprise they had a sealed vinyl copy for $5.95 (originally $15.99). I had to ask myself, “Why is Kev receiving the Will Smith (or Shaq) discount treatment?” Are people really sleeping that hard?

I’m officially a fan of his music and strongly encourage giving it a listen if you’re not up to speed. And maybe you can trade in your Shaq Diesel collection for a copy of I Do What I Do at your local used CD store…It’s a goddam shame.


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