Posted by: Benner | April 2, 2008

The Nonce — Mixtapes

Video Rewind 

No, not those kind of mixtapes.  We’re talking here about the kind of mixtape you made for the friend on your soccer team that you were really trying to impress…

These guys were like a slightly more serious version of the Pharcyde (they had songs about picking up girls at bus stops, but they were dead serious).  I compare them to Pharcyde because they were both from LA, but both gravitated towards the jazzy style of samples that were being used by east coast producers at the time.  The other reason I relate the two together is probably because I saw them perform together in Portland a year or so after Bizzare Ryde dropped.  Gregs were you a part of that mission down to P-Town?  I think rza was.  And I know AK847 was because she was in charge of my well being… I need confirmation on this.




  1. hmmmmm…. not sure. i do remember you and gregs going to a concert together and mom and me staying back in the hotel room, waiting for you to come home. and worrying about your well-being. is that what you are talking about?

  2. AK8, I know you remember this concert. The Pharcyde in Portland with Jonah and his friend Bob. I beleive Rose was there too. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP.

    Also you were in my dream last night acting very smug and unfair!!!

  3. extra dope. i’m feeling this joint to the max. hit me with the album download if you’re holding

  4. peep the hot download link:


  6. that download place had hella ads for dates and girls and stuff.. pretty tempting, maybe I sent an email – big deal?

  7. do I need something extra to open a rar file. I downloaded and now I can’t open. I haven’t heard this album since my copy got ate in my shitty minivan cassette deck.

  8. you can download BitZipper, and use it free for like 15 days. I will try to put it in zip form later today.

    “never put me in your box if your shit eat tapes”

  9. Nas’ advice might have helped there, but I don’t even think that song was out yet. It was a Pre-Illmatic tape eating (from now on known as P-I). by the way, I don’t think that I ever had the pleasure of seeing the nonce, but we definitely took a road trip down to portland to see beastie boys and tribe called quest.

  10. boo ya. that was totally what it was. gregs is in the know. it was the bb and tribe concert (which i had no part in–gladly..aside from being in pdx at the same time). i knew you weren’t making the gregs-benner road trip up but for sure knew he wasn’t part of the pharcyde show. not that i am trying to act smug. 🙂

  11. hey kate- I’m going to be in san diego at the end of june…are you and jeff busy the weekend of the 28th?

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