Posted by: Benner | April 17, 2008

Slow Rappers Keep Right

I might need a late pass on this one (and maybe an hour in detention), but I had to shed light…


(spoiler alert) ELI was robbed… at least his was off the top… he’s probably better than me (and thats saying A LOT)

B-TOWN — This must of been what our battles on the floor of the Luxor casino looked like to that lady…




  1. If we looked this fresh at the Luxor (which is the way I remember it), I don’t know how that lady didn’t at least give us some kind of discount on those swishers.

  2. I don’t know who’s more special eli or the host. The host is also incredibly hands on with the middle judge. I’m not sure which people are joking and to what degree.

  3. Hands down, that host has some serious boundary issues.

    Dude’s not afraid to lend a hand

    They call him the Handy-Man

    You got to hand it to em though

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