Posted by: Benner | April 29, 2008

Ron G? You Know He Coincide With Me…

I hope people are as excited about these as I am.  From the first time I heard Raekwon say “Bangin like a Ron G tape” I have been obsessed with getting my hands on one of Ron G’s mixes (save for the couple of months where I thought he said “bangin like a Warren G tape”).  I guess this guy was the king of the blend tapes back in the early 90’s.  He basically invented the remix (okay, maybe Kid Capri… sorry Diddy), and he certainly was a forefather of the whole R&B/Soul meets Rap sound that is all they play on the radio now.  The one i have pictured above is getting an official release coming up pretty soon (I’ll keep you updated), and below there are a couple of download links to some mixes he did in 93 and 94.  Hope you enjoy…

Spotted at GRANDGOOD 



  1. dont forget about nas mentioning ron g in one time for your mind

  2. also wanted to mention that even though its true he pretty much invented r&b over rap beats, he wasn’t on some soft shit. He was rhyming hard on those intros (Id really like to get my hands on that Rong G 187 tape again) and i even remember ron g being the first play mad lion’s ‘shoot to kill’ on the radio when he had that show on wbls.
    plus his screaming shout outs wasnt as hard on the ears as dez on his tapes or even clue who i couldnt stand after a cerntain point.

  3. “ron g’s in the cassette deck rockin the sh*t g”

    I’m in hardcore search mode for that 187 tape too. Make sure to swing back by here and drop the info (or link) if you find it.

  4. yo i know ron g like fam i got ron g mix joints on cd holla

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