Posted by: Benner | May 14, 2008

Grossface Killah

Looks like there might be an OB4CL 2 after all.  Raekwon just leaked the song “Necro” (hot-fire imo)which is supposedly going to be on the sequel disc.  It features one of those icky Ghostface verses where he gets all graphic and gross about sex.  In honor of it I have compiled a mini playlist of Ghostface’s grossest verses…

whereas Wisdom Body, Camay, and Ice Cream dont really cross the line from hardcore macking into outright inappropriateness these three songs bounce completely over that line… 

Wildflower (the one that started it all)

Strawberry (it gets real gross about a minute and a half in)

The Projects (at 2:13 ghost gets gross)

i feel like I am forgetting a couple, could you help me out peeps?



  1. not really gross, but still comical:

  2. i think that dude grossed ghostface out. well done sir

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