Posted by: Benner | July 6, 2008

I’m Dunn

Thats it for me.  Im ending my run as the head of your “favorite blogs favorite blog that they’ve never been to”.  Thanks to all you commenters out there.  rza, rezmatic, BREAZY-E, Avocado, AK8-47, greg, zeckwreck, and B-TOWN.  I wouldn’t have done it without you.  Thanks for all the support!!!

Look out in the future for a reincarnation of some sort when I get my life under control a litle more.  And check back in a month, because i’m thinking about turning this into an Olympic blog, so check back in for all things, Phelps, Gay, May/Walsh and Lin Dan.

PEACE DUNNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

use the comments section here to send condolences and well wishes


  1. peace

  2. DON’T DO IT!!

    at least how ’bout a little commentary on the new nas album before you call it quits. That was what I thougt I might get when I logged in today.

  3. i think I’ll have to just email you my thoughts on the new nas album. Although, you know how I do, I have to wait until the 15th to hear the record in its entirety. Have you heard it?? If not I guess we’ll have to talk about it then.

    I do have to call it quits though. However you never know, this could turn into one of those “cant leave blogs alone, the game needs me” situations

  4. i just went through a box of kleenex god. tears everywhere. I’m a total mess.

  5. Hold your head god. Just let it go. We gonna get through this.

  6. This is bullshit! I’m already in need of websites to go to on the internet and now you just killed one. I expect some Olympic chatter. This better be a fake retirement like when your friend pretends that he is dead just to see if anyone still cares about him.

  7. @ Avo

    I do like the idea of Olympic chatter. I’ll try to spark it off when the time is right.

    Also, no, this is not a “fake retirement” situations, although that would be something I would do. My classic young Benner move was when my family was together walking downtown or in the mall I would just stop in my tracks and see how long it took them to notice I was gone. To see if they loved me.

  8. One time I said that I was running away so I started packing my things and I wanted to bring some orange juice with me and I couldn’t find a water bottle so I filled a glass with orange juice and put hella saran wrap over the top of it and put it in my bag than went down the street and ate a cookie and drank the juice and then went home and down to my basement to play nintendo.

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