Life.  I’m Ben.  This blog will be about many things.  Primarily music.  Especially rap.  But also many other genres as my taste tends to venture all over the board.  Other than music, this blog will cover touch on all kinds of things (pop culture, girls, stories about friendship, etc.) Enjoy!

This is my first time doing this so don’t judge me



  1. Ben – I owe your site a much more detailed look through soon. Did you see this article:


    – JO

  2. Yeah, I saw that. I think thats what everybody was figuring went wrong. Really sad. People seriously need to stop drinking that crap. The list of it’s victims is getting stupid long.

    After you give it a look through I’d love to get some of your feedback about the site. Considering you are a pro and what not…

  3. Have a nice day !

  4. hey email me and let me know if yr willing to maybe sell that raekwon purple tape i will buy that shit from you!!!

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